Life is like riding a bike. If you want to keep your balance, you have to keep moving. 

Albert Einstein

Krisztina Krausz

managing director, founder

In terms of my original education, I am a shop assistant, but I only spent a month in the profession. I immediately felt that I wanted more.

Later, I graduated as a cultural and event organizer in Pécs, Hungary. Apart from minor interruptions, I never really left the commercial profession.

I followed the trend of changing jobs at intervals in search of new challenges. I tried my hand at countless professions and jobs. With 35 years of work experience I can say that I know what I am the best at: I am persistent, reliable, hardworking, a real fighter, I know how to solve problems. I believe in the value of a job well done and the power of teamwork. I am a creative person, I have been designing and creating in my private workshop for years.

Establishing Bayaga Design Creative Studio, I had the opportunity to make use of the accumulated business knowledge and experience, while thanks to my founding partner, Barbara I am able to get a glimpse into the wonderful world of fine art and 3D design.

We shape the future vision of our Studio together, complementing and strengthening each other.

The two most important days in your life are your birthday and the day you realize why you were born. 

Mark Twain

Barbara Csatlós

Art director, founder

I spent my childhood years in Szeged and at my grandparents' house in Békés county. This is where I got my Hungarian identity and love of tradition, which can also be seen in the choice of themes for my pictures. My talent became apparent very quickly, when I was 4-5 years old. I drew a lot, my introverted personality and my fine motor skills soon came to light. József Nyári introduced me to the endless storehouse of painting and introduced me to the basics of brush handling.

I started my studies at the age of 13 at István Tömörkény high school, majoring in graphics, where I was accepted in the first round with my outstanding performance after 2 years of preparatory courses. After completing my secondary school studies, I was immediately admitted to the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, which I graduated after 5 years with a degree in graphic design.

In the 2000s, the computer exploded into the world of graphics, so I was also heavily infected, creating the image, posters, and advertisements of theaters, banks, and the city of Szeged.

When I began to feel that the possibilities offered by the Southern region were limited, I moved my headquarters to Budapest and continued my artistic activity, which included more form and packaging designs.

My dedication to art shows itself in more and more fine art works, watercolors, paintings, graphics and hyperrealistic images.


Bayaga Design Creative Studio was founded and shaped in 2021 and it found the direction it wants to represent in 2022.

More than 3 decades of sales and commercial experience combined with more than 2 decades of fine art, graphic and 3D design experience.

Barbara's unique artistic vision, her personality that responds sensitively to the vibrations of the universe and her outstanding professional knowledge are indispensable for the creation of the works.

Krisztina's unwavering faith, professional experience, self-confident attitude and unwavering corporate vision are the engine of the business.

Our start-up venture begun with a passionate idea and it became obvious immediately that we have something to say to the World TOGETHER.

This professional knowledge and passionate belief called our Studio to life, the main mission of which is to create a new style of interior designing.

We open new dimensions in space decoration, the profile is to decorate large wall surfaces, spacious spaces with a DIFFERENT-IMAGE. Our first themes were adapted from the world of fine arts, using the currently available colors of ™Mangalawn tapestry we are working with.

We create wall decorations that on the one hand represent our unique vision and on the other hand - in regards to the actual trends - offers such iconic and thematic designs that are singular and stand out from the mass supply.

At the same time we can say that the completed creations are refined, stylish minimal creations in every detail.

We offer a complete service to our partners from the idea through planning to implementation.

Our main goal is to create custom projects based on individual needs.