From the heart, gladlyy, in colors...


We have selected the gems of the fine arts

Our wall decorations make a special atmosphere, result an unusual SPACE EFFECT, which is framed by the professionalism of our art director. 

Ballet - the dance of grace II.


The visual representation of ballet is a complex and fascinating field in the world of visual arts. Ballet combines movement, dramatic expression and aesthetic beauty, and offers a wealth of inspiration for artists wishing to portray these qualities.

The primary challenge in the visual representation of ballet is to portray lively movement and momentary dynamism. The dancers' physical elegance and the sophistication of their movements can be a constant source of inspiration for painters, photographers and other visual artists.

Through abstract forms, dynamic representation of movement and the use of different techniques, artists can create new perspectives in the interpretation of ballet, fostering artistic creativity and innovation. The visual representation of ballet art is thus not only a documentation of performances, but also a sophisticated field of artistic inspiration and expression.

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Ballet - the dance of grace I.


We have been working on a new series in recent months.

Subtle, clean lines and movements in a restrained style.

Power and calm in one image.

We used regular shapes to represent the forms of the human body.

Our ballet series aims to show the beauty and perfection of the human body, using the most basic drawing tools: line, regular circle, basepoint.

With its brilliant colours and versatility of use, ™Mangalawn wall surfaces represent the modern decorative style trend for interiors that we have targeted with this series.

Mona Lisa

Leonardo da Vinci (1503-1519.)

Perhaps one of the most mysteries painting is Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. As yet it is a mistery who the painting might represent.

It was a real challenge to authentically display this masterpiece from the 15 colors of our ™Mangalawn material currently available.

We were pushing the bounderies of the use of the material and our art director set the bar high.

Perhaps we are not presumptuous when we claim the task has been accomplished.

We did not copy, we placed this iconic work in a new dimension, within the framework of the possibilities offered by the material.

birth of Venus

Sandro Botticelli (1485 körül)

We redrew the portrait of this angelic woman Simonetta Vespucci, the play of her waves.

Her delicate features are eye-catching even without showing her nudity. 

Her beauty inspired artists not only in the 15th and 16th centuries...

We turned it into a vector graphic and transformed to a wall hangings. With its fluffy surface and bright colors it can be a refreshing sight in any puritanical, modern environment.

Portrait of PUSKÁS

In memory of a football legend (2022.)

We fulfilled an honorable request, we were able to bring a football legend back to life from our ™Mangalawn dossal.

Ferenc Puskás (Budapest, April 1, 1927 - Budapest, November 17, 2006)

He is ranked among the best ever in the world by FIFA.

In 2016, he was chosen as the best soccer player ever in the "Legends World Championship" poll of the internet portal. Awarded the title of Athlete of the Nation, Olympic gold and World Championship silver medalist, Hungarian football player, coach of several club teams and national teams, posthumous brigadier general.

The captain of the Golden Team, known by his nickname Öcsi Puskás; In Spain, he was nicknamed Pancho.

Girl with pearl earrings 

Jan Vermeer Van Delft (1665.)

The graphic design was difficult, because the well-known works used as models in the history of art are not defined by definite lines and contours.

Around 1665, artists lived in the age of fine blurs, in which they used the tools of Baroque illusionism.

They were created by highlighting games of light and shadow, depicted with powder-like filters. Sometimes we had to define the shape with a line, and sometimes we had to delimit the given perspective shape with a shadow.

The professional knowledge of our artistic director - which is all about drawing, form, anatomy and computer graphics - is indispensable for the creation of such a decoration.

The finished creation is sophisticated, in every detail and a stylish minimal design work.

Sixtus Madonna (extract)

Raffaello Sanzio (1513-1514.)

Who likes puttos? We are fans of them just like a Mamma is for sweet little babies.

We show you a design inspired by a catchy shape.

A design from the Collection of Favorites series. The task was also difficult, and the end result is a fluffy soft wall hangings.

Little flaming haired, bored angels in sheep's clothing.

Masked, drawn, cut, "hardened", displayed with a couple of colors.